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Dementia Sessions Sponsorship – Your Housing Group, Workington

As part of PPM’s continued commitment to the residents and wider community base of our client, Your Housing Group, we have sponsored a new scheme to reduce isolation amongst their older residents, especially those diagnosed with dementia.

This is being achieved through a weekly club; 'Derwent and Social' which runs every Tuesday from Laybourn House in Workington. PPM have initially sponsored an 8 week block of sessions, with a view to further sponsorships and involvement throughout 2016. Our Communications and Development Officer, Beth Nicholls, attends all sessions and provides a helping hand to run the activities and speak with the residents.

dementia 01

Theatre by the Lake, from Keswick are leading the sessions with the main aim of getting local residents together to have some fun whilst building confidence, building relationships and strengthening community spirit. The sessions have proved to be extremely popular with the residents of Laybourn House itself, as well as neighbouring General Need’s residents who feel isolated on a day to day basis. The sessions have been designed to help connect people through conversation, reminiscing, singing, music and dancing, crafts, games, and a lot of laughter.

dementia 02

“I really enjoy the company, different activities and having a good old chat. I always enjoy being among people and hope these sessions will continue. When you live on your own it can be very lonely, so it’s nice to see friendly faces and be in people’s company” says Joyce Dixon, aged 71.

Staff from Your Housing and PPM have really enjoyed the sessions as well, even though it’s often a surprise what each session is going to involve! As well as the valuable sponsorship provided by PPM, funding has been committed from the D&S Community Projects budget and the Older Persons budget to continue these sessions throughout the summer.

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